About Robert Sequoia in Santa Fe, NM

Robert Sequoia in Santa Fe, NM
Robert Sequoia in Santa Fe, NM

After studying art at S.U.N.Y in New York, Robert Sequoia moved to Santa Fe, NM, where he entered the music scene. A classically trained guitarist, he brings to his playing a gentle and sophisticated touch with an emotional vulnerability that has earned him consistent praise. Robert Sequoia has played at numerous country clubs and restaurants and at weddings, and one of his favorite venues is the historic Loretto Chapel.

His original compositions include a piece known as Gypsy Dream, in which he honors his Romanian gypsy heritage as a descendant of second-generation immigrants from Romania. He also plays a variety of classic Spanish guitar music and soft meditation music. A few of his songs appear on YouTube, and he has published five albums with the titles Change of Seasons, Essence of Life, Compassion, Bequest, and Full Moon.

In his live performances Mr. Sequoia often collaborates with other musicians, such as violinist Theodore Grivas, whom he first met on the streets of Santa Fe. There the two began experimenting together, giving performances for those who had passed and forging a friendship and presence they later shared in concerts.

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